Teacher Feature- Mrs. Horridge


     Mrs. Horridge is Great! 

                                         story by Reagan Rogers

Mrs. Horridge teaches seventh grade science at SPMS and her students love her! 

As teacher appreciation week comes to an end, we are all thanking our wonderful teachers for the life lasting impact they have on all of us, but what if teacher appreciation week didn’t have to end. I want to highlight those teachers that don’t just care about our education, but also our well-being, so to kick off the campaign, I have Mrs. Nealey Horridge.

As a kid, Mrs. Horridge was raised in San Diego later going off to college at San Luis Obispo where she then received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and her teaching credential. Then in 2015, she received her Masters of Art in Educational Administration from California State University, Los Angeles. This all launched the next eleven years of her life teaching and the past six years at SPMS.

If you just read her background, but still aren’t sure who she is, she is a 7th grade Life Science teacher here at SPMS. She loves what she does and always has a smile on her face. Mrs. Horridge makes what you are learning fun and always has a joke ready to break the awkward silence during an uncomfortable lesson. Though some of the people reading this may not have had the delight of being able to see her every other day, I do. I have Mrs. Horridge fifth period, so I get the pleasure of seeing her every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. She is an amazing teacher and I hope all of the sixth graders get to experience her wonderful teaching methods next year.


Daniel Vasquez