Sodium Explosions!

          8th Grade Science! 

                               Story and photos by Sophie Yeung

Every year, science teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, demonstrates the reaction of Sodium coming in contact with water for the Eighth Graders. At the end of the school year, Eighth Graders learn about the Periodic Table of Elements and the elements’ reactivity. First, she scooped red cabbage juice coloring into a large beaker of water, which then proceeds to turn from a deep pink color to a royal blue. Mrs. Hoffman explained that this happened because red cabbage juice reacts to basic substances (such as water) by turning blue. Next, she cut a chunk of Sodium with a butter knife, due to the fact that the metal is very malleable. Then, Mrs. Hoffman placed the Sodium chunk on the surface of the water, and it began to fizz and give off pure Hydrogen gas. The water turned from a deep blue, to a greenish-blue because of the Sodium. It caught on fire, then exploded! Many of the students shouted in surprise. Many checked their phones to ensure that they captured the fascinating moment for their Snapchat stories. All but Third Period’s Sodium chunk exploded. Students were astonished by the explosive reaction!

Mia Chamorro