MUN Summit Conference

Model United Nations is a fun way for middle schoolers to learn about the United Nations and International Issues occurring in our world.


  MUN Summit Conference

                            story and photos by Ava Feldman


Even though Model United Nations is not a part of our school, it affects a large group of our dedicated students. On the weekend of April 28, these students participated in Summit, their biggest conference of the year. Many students from all over California came to LAX to change laws and to create organizations to help the world. Even though these laws and organizations are not real, the experience of this conference helps kids understand the way the United Nations works. From the biggest organs NGO, ECOSOC, and GA to the smaller organs SC and ICJ, each one offers something different.

The delegates that come to the conference come in groups called delegations. These delegations are divided by city and area. Our local delegation is run by Jordan Bell and the officer team. The officers are seven students form SPMS and include Jade Gomez, Sadie Metcalf, Ashlyn Zhang, Noah Kuhn, Ava Dunville, Ava Feldman, and Nicholas Phillipson. When Sadie Metcalf, the President of our local delegation SPASM, was asked why she wanted to be president she responded saying, “MUN has been a great experience in sixth and seventh grade. The two presidents before me had always been very kind and respectful. I wanted to be like them and inspire other delegates.” Noah Kuhn, the Vice President of our delegation had a different reason for becoming a leader. “I wanted to become Vice President because I really wanted to have a leadership position in MUN, a program I love so much, but I was a bit nervous to run all the meetings. I ran for V.P. in 6th grade and lost, so I was really motivated to win in 7th grade and my determination paid off. Being part of the officer team this year has been super fun and I am very glad to have this leadership opportunity.” Sadie and Noah lead weekly, meeting at the YMCA to get the other delegates ready for the conferences. At the training and elections conference earlier this year, Ava Dunville was interviewed into the Office of the Secretary General. When she was asked about her MUN experience, she responded by saying “being in the Office of the Secretary General was really amazing. I got to speak out, meet new people, and was all around a great experience.” Having so many different experiences is part of the overall MUN excitement because you never know what might happen. MUN is a great program for grades 6-8 and prepares you to go into the highschool program, Model Legislature & Court.


Ava Dorny