Summer Countdown!

Summer is almost here! Students can't wait to leave school and finally head to the beach!

As almost every student on campus knows, summer is approaching fast. With the last day of school set as June 5, there only 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day left of school, which has left the students of South Pasadena Middle School full of excitement and anticipation.

This week, students were asked what they look forward to during the summer and what summer mean to them.

One student answered our question, “What Does Summer Mean to You?”. “For me, summer means lots and lots of fun in general.” Another student, Alexa Morales,  responded with: “Summer means I get to hang out watching Netflix and go in the pool.” Another student said “I am really looking forward to summer, but I also wish this year would last a little longer because I am moving to another school next year, and I'm really going to miss all of my friends.”

We also asked people what summer movie they’re looking forward to seeing after it’s release over the break. One student was really eager to see the second “Incredibles” film. Another student, an eighth grader,  is anticipating the release of the movie “I Feel Pretty,” starring Amy Schumer. One student didn’t have a specific movie they were looking forward to, but they were extremely excited about all of the upcoming Marvel movies centering around their favorite superheros.

Last, we asked people to come up with something that they think of when they think “summer.” “Just time to be free and have fun.” responded one eighth grader. A seventh grader said, “I think of Netflix, because it takes up all the free time I get over summer.”


Thanks for reading the this week's edition of S.P.M.S’s Summer Countdown article. Are you doing anything this summer? Contact me with your story, and it might show up in an upcoming article!

Michelle Shadmon