Hairspray Cast and Crew Party!

After the musical, the cast and crew got together for a party!


Kissing Party?

When Mrs. Tompkins was the drama teacher, she ran the musical. Most kids would tell you that their favorite memory from this was the cast party and all the kissing. Here's the story, every year the actors keep the red lipstick on after the show. Then, when they all head to the cafeteria for the party, they all start kissing each other on their faces. Red lipstick gets passed around as kids dance and head into the photo booth. By the end of the night, kids are covered with red lip marks!

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 8.52.27 AM.png

The Party Outside?

The party ended at 6:30 however at around 6:00, everyone just went outside. No one really knows why. It could have been that it was too hot inside, or kids were just bored. Once everyone was outside a couple eighth graders started jig-a-low. It is a game where everyone stands in a circle singing and dancing. Everyone was smiling and laughing as the night came to end.

Brynn Buckley