Tigers Meet Their Match!

        South Pasadena Vs.       Huntington Middle School

Copy by Paige Reynolds and Kyra Nielsen, photos by Paige Reynolds 

The Tigers fell to their rivals, Huntington Middle School last Thursday, April 26. The Tigers won their first set 25-8 but, lost the next two 25-23 and 16-14.


In the first set, a kill by Jake Woo quickly gave the Tigers the lead. A long serving run from Richard Conti then followed. The fans went crazy after a hit from Grant Huntley and a set over from Aidan Hilger during a long rally. The Foxes then took a timeout once the score was 17-5 to discuss their strategy for the rest of the set, but it didn’t work and the Tigers expanded their lead. The set ended after an ace from Tony Rodz with a score of 25-8.


The second set started off rocky for the Tigers, with the score going back and forth. A few crucial miss serves and miss hits allowed Huntington to take the lead. The Tigers took a timeout when the score was 9-6. South Pas was able to tie the game at 11, after a long serving run from Tony Rodz. After a few great plays by Jake Woo and Jonathan Guy, the Tigers regained their lead of 14-11. A few rallies passed giving points to both the Tigers and the Foxes, the score soon being 16-16.  After a timeout from the Tigers, South Pas took the lead at 23-22. The last point of the set was awarded to the Foxes after a scramble play. The set ended with a score of 25-23.


In Volleyball, a third set is played as a tie-breaker. Since the Tigers won one set and the Foxes won the other, this was needed to determine the winner. Huntington quickly took a 6-1 lead. After a few errors from Huntington, South Pas tied the game at 6. During this portion of the game, the score went back and forth, and the game was soon 10 all. After a great play by Aidan Hilger and a kill from Jake Woo, the game was tied at 14. Two miss plays gave Huntington a 16-14 lead, resulting in a win for Huntington.


South Pas played Huntington’s other team and dominated them 25-15 and 25-8. The Tiger’s new record is 5-1.

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