The Last Track Meet

Copy by Ellie Mendel, photos by Paige Reynolds 

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It All Comes Down to This...

Suspense is in the air as the last track meet approaches. All the other meets have just been preparation for this last one, where SPMS will race against all the other schools in San Gabriel Valley. There will be medals handed out to the fastest runners, but anyone who falls a second short will go home empty-handed.


For 8th graders, this is their last track meet ever for SPMS. For others, there are many more track meets to come, however, everyone is hoping to make an impact at the last track meet. 7th grader Sydney Lagarie says that she hopes to get into the top six because that is what they record. Everyone is hoping to bring their best at the last track meet.


For many track runners, the last track meet is their favorite, although it is probably the most nerve-racking track meet, the one is one of the best. Many people liked it because they were able to race against other schools. They enjoyed the experience to race against people they didn’t know. The last track meet is also some students’ very last chance to race for SPMS.


Be sure to support SPMS at their last track meet on Friday, May 4! (Keep in mind that the meet is not at SPHS, but in a different city).

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Ellie Mendel