Hairspray Hell Week

By: Alexa Morales


The Atmosphere:

Homework, lines, and testing are just a few tasks that shape a musical student. All of the casts stay from three to eight, which means students will be at school for thirteen hours. This week is a struggle of flaming hoops from getting the makeup to the clothes. Stage crew has to finish costumes and finish building sets, meanwhile, actors are going over scenes, dancers running numbers, and ensemble warming up there voice. Chaos has hit with beauty products and people frantically trying to understand quick changes. But stress does build up in these students minds, like “I have a history test!” or “I have math homework!

How Kids Deal With The Stress:

Most students are staying up until 12:00 am finishing homework and studying. Nobody has a minute to waste, but procrastination does occur because of the crazy hours and stress. Different kids have different ways of coping with the stress, like reading or hanging out with friends during break. But there is still the looming idea of maintaining grades and testing. I think that students are put under so much pressure to get things done in a timely manner and only getting a few hours of rest.


What Students Are Doing:

Hell week consists of run through after run through, perfecting our show to make sure that everything is set. Real dress rehearsals start on Wednesday with makeup, costume, and hair. SGVMT has brought professional sound systems and new costumes. Upstairs, costume crew is fixing minor things on costumes. Set crew is figuring out when sets come in and out. I think Hairspray is shaping up to be a great show.

Taylor Calva