9th Grade Courses Next Year

Copy and photos by Sophia Davison. 

In the 2018-19 school year, the South Pasadena High School will be offering new courses for incoming ninth graders.

Administrators have recently decided to add a new english class that places emphasis on multicultural literature. This class is “Examine Cultural Diversity in Grade 9 English.” The other option for 9th grade english courses is 9th grade literature. In both classes, the class basis is the same. Both classes align with Common Core Standards and are the same level of difficulty. When asked which class is your preference, Frances Lee stated, “I am taking the new english class because it sounds more interesting than normal english.” This class will be discussing self discovery and the identity of the  community around them.

Although English is the only new class offered for next year, debate has risen about language classes. At SPHS, three foreign languages are  available. This include Spanish, French, and Mandarin. When asked about what foreign languages students will be taking, a majority of the incoming eighth graders responded with Spanish. Noah Kuhn gave us insight on this topic. “I am taking Spanish next year because in my opinion, Spanish is more useful in our world today and Spanish is a Latin language, making it easier to learn other languages.”  In addition to these three courses, students may also test out of taking a language if they are currently fluent in a language that is not offered.

In addition, there are four math classes students can be in enrolled in for next year. These classes are, Math 1, Math 1+, Math 2, and Math 2+.  Students who are currently in regular math classes or honor math classes will automatically be placed in Math 1, but are capable of scoring high on the placement tests and be placed into Math 1+. Students in Accelerated Math currently will be automatically enrolled in Math 2, but are capable of scoring high on the placement tests and be placed into Math 2+.

Laureen Wong