Copy and photos by Sophia Davison 


Cutting up the books!

In Mrs. Tanaka's art classes students create pieces of artwork through cutting books. Throughout the class students can either finish previous projects or work on book cutting projects. To do this project the students first research a design. After their design is chosen they sketch out this design onto an old book. The next step in this process in which to begin cutting. The book can be abstract or represent a meaning behind it.

Throughout the semester students have also completed many other projects. One of the bigger projects the students in eighth grade art class completed, were painting lockers. Mrs. Tanaka instructed her students to sketch a design that will be painted onto a locker. After the design was sketched the students painted a white base coat onto the locker they wish to paint. The design would the be outlined and filled in. Be sure to look around campus for these amazing pieces of artwork.

Laureen Wong