Intents Carnival School Dance!

Have you ever noticed that 8th graders don't normally go to or school dances? Well, this article is going to explain why. The dances are changing. The length is getting shorter and the music is changing...

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The School Dance Changes 

This year, our second school dance will be carnival themed; Intents Carnival is the name. ASB will be showing The Greatest Showman in the old gym. A few changes will be made this year to the dance. They will now only be two hours long as opposed to three and there is a new ticketing system. Every year, the ice cream truck line gets very long and messy, and students claim that they had friends saving their spots or someone cut them in line. This time, ASB has bought a ticketing system. Kids will be given a numbered ticket to hold on to, to ensure that no one cuts them in line. Every year we play music at the dance, but this year ASB asked the students for help to pick out what songs they want to be played. They send out a google form and many kids responded, to this year, hopefully, everyone is happy with the dance choices.


What's the Deal With the Eighth Graders?

As I’m sure most of you guys have noticed, eighth graders do not normally come to the school dance. I wanted to know why, so I interviewed an anonymous eighth grader. They said, “In my opinion, I think that eighth graders do not attend the school dances because they do not have interest in them and they can be very long and sometimes boring.”  ASB took that into consideration, and made the dances one hour shorter.

Brynn Buckley