The Musical: In the Pit

Copy and photos by Dailin Leong

The Musical Hairspray is officially over, but a big surprise to the cast especially was that SPMS band members played  live music at the beginning, the end, and during intermission.

With a mix of both 8th and 7th grade band volunteers, there was live music at every single performance.

I asked them a few questions and got their opinions. Here's what they have to say.

“My favorite thing about pit band? I'm going to have to say how we were able to bond with others. And I got to watch the musical’s different casts. For Free!” said one 7th grade Pit Band member. Seeing the musical for free was a common answer with the students but I also got answers like “Pit Band is Lit Band”,  “I loved how the drum solo got everyone's attention” and “playing in front of the large crowd was really fun.”

Students were also asked about their experience working with 8th graders, and what it was like changing their schedules to come to school early to prepare for their performances.

“Well, coming to school early and working with 8th graders was nothing new to me. I’m also in Jazz Band, and it really  just allowed us more time to play music and have fun.” said two band members. Another student also said that “Having the 8th graders there really just constantly reminded me that they are better than me. But all that did was help me work harder and improve”

I also asked actors part of the Musical what they thought about having Live music at their performance, and they believed that “It was really cool having the band there.” and “Having pre recorded music was nice and all, but it was nothing compared to having my fellow bandmates there.”


Michelle Shadmon