Lip Sync Contest: Preparation Meeting

Copy and photo by Ava Feldman

The Lip Sync Contest, run by Mr. Adanto, had a mandatory meeting on Monday, May 14. This meeting was for the eighth graders interested in participating in this great 8th grade promotion privilege. It was also for Mr. Adanto to see if there would be at least seven groups participating. Mr. Adanto takes this contest very seriously since there is a cash prize to the top three performances. During the meeting he informed all hoping participants of the specific rules and dates. The rules: a group preferably of five or less people and to have all songs be school appropriate. The acts must also not cross the line of being inappropriate and ridiculous or there will be a suspension for the beginning of the next school year. The dates: The performance, open to all eighth graders to see is Tuesday June 5th and will be held in the Auditorium after promotion breakfast. The application with song lyrics is due Friday May 18, these lyrics must be the clean version of your song. The Auditions will be held on Thursday May 24 in the Auditorium but will not be open to the public. The dress rehearsal will be on Friday June 1 in the Auditorium. Even though this is a fun school activity Mr. Adanto, Ms. Lie, and Ms. Jarrouse will be judging the groups at the auditions.  Some groups may not make it through to the performance if they believe the group is not going to be ready in time.

Last year, the cash prize for first place was $100 and second place was $75. This is why some of the kids in that meeting at lunch held so much excitement. When I asked Jake Krieger about why he wanted to do the contest he responded by saying, “I want to make people laugh and have a good time so I believe that this contest will help me do that.” Quinn Manzo when asked the same question responded with a different reason, “I felt like it would be a fun experience to do with friends and a chance to make 8th grade memories.” The groups are doing a large range of music and performance choices. These songs range from rap to pop to kpop songs. Kennedy Taylor said her group of friends is doing a mix of different rap songs to showcase their talents in the contest.  Frances Night and her group for the contest are doing Kiss You by One Direction. They chose this song because there whole group are big One Direction fans and they new that wanted to do one of their songs. This was just the one that they had agreed on. The Lip Sync Contest is something the eighth graders look forward to as one of their many promotion activities.

Ava Dorny