Come to SPMS's Open House

Copy by Ellie Mendel 

Open house approaches on Wednesday May 23. Open house is mainly used to display to parents what their children have learned that school year. Sometimes it can feel as if you are just coming to open house to show your parents around, but it can also be used to benefit you.

To benefit you, you can go to classes that you may have next year to see what the class is like. Even though you cannot be 100 percent sure of the class that you will have next year, teachers in the same subject normally teach the same thing, so no matter what class you go to, you will be able to see what you might do in the next year. Even if you go to Ms. Bruce’s room during open house, you can get a basic idea of what Mr. Adanto is teaching that year too.

Knowing what is coming next year can help you plan for the next grade. You can change your study habits or even change how you organize your binder based on what you see in the classes you visit. One of the best ways to prepare for next year is to go to next year’s classes at open house.

Ellie Mendel