Train Complications

Copy by Elena Sancho

The train roars as I groan...
I'm hoping to make it to school on time, but we all know that once the bell and the red lights start blinking you have to sit right next to the train tracks for fifteen minutes, trying to guess which side the train is gonna come from, and by the time it comes, you would be dead... of boredom. Last week I had missed half of my class due to the train. You would think if the train wasn’t going to come then the gates wouldn’t come down, but you never know when it comes. Andy, my best friend for the past sixteen years of my life, takes out her phone and starts playing tic-tac-toe. That's it! I would be late again. I roll my eyes, hop off my bike, and break a rule, a big rule.

“Joy, you idiot!” Andy yells as I run across the tracks.

The sound of the train roared like a T-Rex, but I don't stop, I can't stop, I have to survive to tell the story. But the train is to fast and my feet are to slow. I drop my bike; it's slowing me down. Finally I fall and roll, a gush of wind hitting me as the train passes. I catch my breath, hearing my new bike being torn apart. The one time I decide to cross, to break the rules, the train actually comes.

Sadie Kan