Get To The Pointe! -Isabella Shotwell

Copy by Caitlin Berry 

Isabella Shotwell is an amazing young dancer training at the Dance Conservatory of Pasadena. She has danced in the ballets Swan Lake, Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Coppelia. She has been dancing for around 6 years. When asked what she liked about it, Shotwell replied, “Well, I really enjoy how dance makes me feel free and I don’t have to think about anything else except the movement. My friends there are very nice and genuine, and I love that about them.” Isabella also told us about her favorite moment. “My favorite moment from the year was probably The Nutcracker, because my friends and I all get to dance together, and it felt like a sense of unity. I also enjoyed Secret Santa, because I felt like, for the first time, that I was part of the community and part of our dance family.”

In addition to ballet, Isabella has also dabbled in some contemporary. “I worked with the contemporary company, Diavolo. I enjoyed working with Diavolo because their style was very unique and creative; the company members were very nice and helpful.”

At school, Isabella partakes in Dance P.E., which allows her to learn other types of dance, besides ballet and contemporary.

Isabella Shotwell is a beautiful dancer and is growing stronger each day she dances, and we wish her good luck for her performance on June 10!

Ava Dorny