Avengers: Infinity War Opinions

Copy by Isabella Shotwell 

My Opinions:

Most Devastating Death: I think that Spiderman’s “death” was the saddest. It was heartbreaking to see Tony try to keep Peter there. And of course, the line that had us all sobbing; “I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go Mr. Stark, please.”

Favorite Character in MCU: My favorite characters in the MCU are Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Shuri, and Peter Parker. They are all amazing and I really hope none of them actually die in the next Avengers.

Character You Grew to Like More: I really appreciated Gamora and Tony more in this movie. Gamora was fleshed out more, and I really loved it. I liked Tony before this movie, but he wasn't my favorite. This movie changed my perspective, however. I really love his journey, and even if he dies, his memory will live on.

Overall Opinion: The movie overall was pretty good, I was satisfied enough with the ending, and I definitely cried. The writers and directors did an amazing job on including all the characters in it, I had my doubts at first, but they made it work. Thanos was a great villain, I really felt for him and he made the movie even better.

Predictions For Avengers 4: I think that everyone who “died” at end is not dead but trapped in the soul stone. They wouldn’t have killed off half their entire universe in one blow like that, especially since it was mostly the new characters. My other prediction is that they will finally say the iconic, ‘Avengers, Assemble’ line and the shot of the original six going into battle together.


Ella’s Opinions:

Most Devastating Death: The death that affected Ella the most was Gamora’s. She really loved Gamora, and seeing her die was like a nightmare come true.

Favorite Character in MCU: Ella’s favorite character in the entire MCU is Gamora, which, as we said, is why she was so devastated to see her thrown off a cliff.

Character You Grew to Like More: Ella liked Loki more in this movie than before. She enjoyed how he died an honorable death and redeemed himself.

Overall Opinion: Her overall opinion is that the movie was good, but not good as a standalone film. She was indeed happy she got to see it, since she is a fan of the Marvel Universe.

Predictions For Avengers 4: Ella believes that there will be resurrections of the people who disappeared at the end, since they can’t possibly have died. She also thinks Captain America and Iron Man are pivotal in defeating Thanos.

Isabella Shotwell