Get To The Pointe!-Maria Paz Posada

Meet Maria Paz Posada, a 12 year old aspiring ballerina.


Maria Paz, The Young Ballerina

“Dance is a way of expressing myself freely,” says 12 year old Maria Paz Posada. She is a talented ballet dancer, attending Pasadena Dance Theatre for training. Overall, Maria has been dancing for four years. She does this art form 4 days a week, in Basic 3, an intermediate-advanced level. Maria has always loved ballet, since she was young. “I’ve loved ballet since I was little. I used to watch Swan Lake and other ballets, dress up in tutus, and dance around my room.”

At school, Maria participates in Dance PE, a physical alternative for dancers or possible dancers. In this course, Maria gets to expand her reaches and learn contemporary, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.

Though she gets exceptional ballet training, she wants to switch dance schools, and go to The Colburn School. She would get 4 or 5 day a week training at this new school, helping her dance dreams come true.  

Ava Dorny