The soon to be high schoolers are filled with anticipation, excitement, and stress. Eighth graders will soon be participating in many annual activities. Some of these activities include the promotion party, eighth grade lip sync battle, and the eighth grade brunch.


With all this excitement there is also the element of stress. From April 19th to May 18th, many students are taking part in CAASPP testing. For these students, CAASPP testing causes their schedule to become more overwhelming with extra stress. Every student who is enrolled in CAASPP testing will take a minimum of four tests. These are ELA Performance Task, ELA CAT, Math CAT, and Math Performance Task.


At the high school, many seniors that have committed to colleges tend to slack off in the last month of school, this is commonly referred to as “senioritis”. For some of the eighth graders a similar thing happens. When students already know they are attending a high school they decide to not care about their current classes. It is significant to not allow this to happen to you or your friends. Although summer is close it is important to stay focused on your academics until the end of the school year.  

Laureen Wong