An Interview With Belicia Gonzalez - Track 2018

Seventh grader Belicia Gonzalez works hard to accomplish her goals in track this season. Along with attending track practices, she runs during school breaks, sometimes with her family and sometimes on her own. Belicia is willing to work hard to reach her goals, which paid off, as she got second in the girls mile race at the first track meet. She continues to work hard to this day.  Now Belicia Gonzalez is here to talk about her track experience with us.


Why did you do track this year?

“Because I like running and it will help me get faster for soccer.”


Do you have any role models and if so, who?

“Women olympic sprinters are my role models.”


How do you prepare for a track meet?

“We have weeks of practice before [a meet]. At the meet we first do stretches and then run laps and sometimes practice sprinting (starting off and other techniques).”


What are track meets like?

“They are very nerve-racking for me, but they are also fun, because you get to see people from different schools and race against them.”


What is your favorite part of track?

“I like long distance running the most and being able to push myself to go faster in both long distance races and sprinting races.”


Do you have trouble balancing homework with the track schedule?

“Surprisingly not, I usually get all my homework done before practices, because they are later.”


Are you planning on doing track next year? Why or why not?

“Yes, because it will keep me on a schedule to get faster and I really like track.”

Ellie Mendel