Bump Set Spike!

The Tigers do it again! South Pas defeated Jefferson Middle School in a nail-biter on Tuesday, April 24. The Tigers beat the Bulldogs in two sets with scores of 25-15 and 25-23.


Jefferson Defeat!

The Tiger’s started out strong, gaining a quick lead from Tony Rodz’s serving run. Rodz gave South Pas the lead earning them 10 quick points. This put the score at 11-1. A miss serve gave Jefferson the ball but the Tigers were able to quickly gain it back with a kill from Jake Woo. After few net fouls and miss hits the score was 17-8. The Tigers quickly strengthened their lead after a kill by Tony Rodz. After a few aces from Jefferson and some miss hits by the Tigers, South Pas took a timeout to regain their focus. It worked, and a lift by Jefferson ended the set. The final score was 25-15.


The second set started out a little rocky, with Jefferson taking an early lead. The Tigers quickly used up one of their timeouts to get their heads back in the game. It worked, and South Pas slowly closed the gap with the score being 14-9. A long serving run by Aidan Hilger tied the game at 14 all. After going back and forth, a lack of communication from Jefferson allowed the Tigers to take a 22-19 lead. It seemed like the game was over but Jefferson proved to the Tigers that they were a force to be reckoned with when they tied the game at 23 all. A series of tips and hits put the score at match point for the Tigers. The final point was a tip from Jonathan Guy after a long rally.

The Tiger’s record is now 4-0.

Sports!Lily Wildman