Sierra Madre Faces Defeat!

The 7th and 8th grade boys volleyball team killed Sierra Madre in their victory on Thursday, April 19th. The Tigers emerged victorious after winning in two sets. The first set’s score was 25-11 and the second set was 25-8.

Copy and Photos By Paige Reynolds 


The First Set

The Tigers dominated throughout the whole game delivering ace after ace. It was a close game at the beginning but the Tigers strengthened their lead by hitting kills. When the Hawk’s blockers could get their hands on the ball, it went out. If the ball did stay in, Jonathan Guy was there to spike it over again. Sierra Madre was unable to recover from the Tiger’s powerful offense and struggled to return South Pas’ hits. A strong kill from Mikey Ebner ended the first set with a score of 25-11.


The Second Set 

The Tiger’s dominance only grew in the second set with long serving runs by Tony Rodz and Will Michels. When the Hawks were able to return the ball, kills by Jake Woo and Caleb Hunt won the point for the Tigers. The final point of the game was an ace by Aidan Hilger. The Tigers won the set 25-8.


South Pas played another game against Sierra Madre’s other team. They won that game also with a score of 25-12 in both sets.


These wins kept the Tiger’s winning streak alive and their record is now 3-0.

Lily Wildman