Kubb Tournament

On Sunday, April 22, the West Coast Kubb Tournament came to South Pasadena. Starting at 9:00 A.M, the kubbers came to Orange Grove Park. 16 pitches were set up and there were 32 teams. Joe Zenas was the main coordinator of the tournament; he was the one who brought the game to South Pasadena. 

-Copy by Brynn Buckley, Photos Taken By Joss Rogers 

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Kubb Comes To South Pasadena 

Kubb is a Swedish game played with blocks of wood and batons. At the tournament, many SPMS students participated, however there were seven people who flew in from out of the state to come play. People would get really creative with their team names such as "High Ponytails, Low Expectations", "Kubber Ubers", "Middle Age Spartans", "O'Leary O'tack" and "Lumber Liquidators". The teams were excited to begin. They would play six games in the morning, then there was a lunch break. 

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Mariachi Singers At Lunch 

During the lunch break, a taco vendor provided food. There were also mariachi singers that came and performed for the players. After lunch, the silver and gold brackets began. The top 8 teams made it into the gold bracket, meanwhile everyone else was in the silver one. In both brackets, if you lost a game, you were out. The games were long and intense, but in the end, a team from Colorado won it all. 

Joss Rogers made all the trophies. He made first, second, and third place award for both brackets. He also helped with the participation awards, which were little kubb pieces.  

The tournament was a huge success. I played on a team and it was really fun. Kubb is a strategic game that more people should play! 


Brynn Buckley