Washington DC Trip

By: Ava Feldman

This year for the annual 8th grade Washington D.C. Trip, the 75 students that went enjoyed fun full packed days. These students enjoyed tours of many important monuments and memorials. They also got to indulge in all the history and information that many museums had to offer.

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Some of the amazing monuments that the students went to include the White House, Arlington Cemetery, and many more. They also visited memorials for some of the great Presidents that have served this country such as the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson memorial. Many students favorite part of the trip was visiting the War memorials. These memorials include the World War 1 and 2, as well as the Vietnam and Korean War memorial. Five of the museums that the students enjoyed are the National Air and Space museum, the United States Holocaust Museum, the Newseum, the International Spy Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery.

When Interviewing Students of SPMS, Daniel Marino agreed with many other students about his favorite part of the trip. “My favorite part about the Washington D.C. trip was the Vietnam Memorial because of the design of the wall and the fact that there are four monuments devoted to one.” Sarah Kang had a different perspective on the trip though, “I liked going to see the White House and the Washington Monument, also hanging out with my friends.” She also had an opinion on what should have been different, “I wish that we could have not walked as much.” Lauren Calderon when talking about her overall experience said, “The trip was decent, it was a good school field trip and it was worth it!”


Another part of the Washington D.C. trip were the Thumbs Up Kids. Tyler Mallet and Thompson Crockett posed for photos in different places to compile a portfolio of images. In these images they put up a thumbs up and a quirky smile. When asked why they began this they replied, “We were at George Washington’s house and we were by the water, we didn’t want a boring picture, we wanted to be unique. We were like why don’t we put a thumbs up and do a smile. After that we were like, we should do a thing. So that’s how we decided to do it.”


The Washington D.C. trip overall had great responses from the students that went. Thank you to all the Teachers and Volunteers that made this trip possible for the 8th graders.

Ava Dorny