Penguins VS Menchies, Who Will Win?!

Penguins and Menchies have been the best frozen yogurt stores in South Pasadena for years. Many people view them similarly with no regard for how different they actually are. It is time to find out which frozen yogurt store is the best in South Pasadena.

By: Ellie Mendel


The Yogurt:

According to student interviews, both Penguins and Menchies have fantastic yogurt, however many people said that they like Menchies for their wide variety of flavors. Even though Penguins doesn’t have as many flavors as Menchies, it has dairy-free and sugar-free options. Unlike Menchies, one of the best qualities of Penguins is that it has ice cream, coffee and tea.


The Atmosphere:

Because Menchies’ yogurt is self-serve, the environment is more hectic and noisier at Menchies than at Penguins. Penguins’ atmosphere is calm and quiet. Penguins is a great place to get some frozen yogurt and do some homework.


The Value:

Menchies is weighed by the pound, so for the same weight it usually comes out to be a little bit cheaper than Penguins. Also, at Penguins, you have to pay extra for toppings. One of the best features of self-service at Menchies is that you can get exactly the amount of yogurt and toppings you want. However, in the end, both frozen yogurt places have reasonable prices for their delicious frozen yogurt.

Ellie Mendel