Hottest Hangouts

As I did hard research and studied SPMS students, I found out what are the top 3 hottest hangouts of South Pasadena. Can you guess what they are?

By: Marley Talbot


Friends. We all have at least a few. But what to do with them? After a long week at school, lots of student head out with their pals to one of the many hang-outs around South Pasadena. Our town is full of cool shops and restaurants that suit your every need. Today we’ll be taking a look at a few selected places.

Blaze Pizza: Blaze is a relatively new addition to South Pas. It’s unique in its approach to serving its customers. You go down the line and add as many toppings, sauces, and cheeses as you’d like. Students love to stop by to make their own eccentric and customized pizzas. It also has a variety of beverages!

Fair Oaks Pharmacy: This place, unlike Blaze, has been around for longer than many can remember. The Pharmacy is a fun diner-like stop that serves great food and even better ice cream. They have a variety of flavors, plus something extra special for the adventurous. It’s called the Kitchen Sink. This dish has every ice cream flavor under the sun, or, rather, that the Pharmacy has to offer. The dish comes with a challenge. If you eat all the ice cream in 30 minutes or less, you get a shirt and your picture on their Wall of Fame.

Menchies: This one, perhaps is a bit less known. But it still deserves a mention. Menchie’s is a frozen yogurt place with all sorts of flavors and toppings. You go around the counter and make your very own cup of froyo and after you’re done, they have fun spoons to eat with and keep as a memento of your yummy mix!

All the places in our town have something fun and quirky about them that makes them fun. That’s why students flock there every Friday: to have a good time and enjoy life.

Paige Reynolds