Boys Volleyball Team Kills!

Photos by: Paige Reynolds & Copy by: Kyra Nielsen

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Boy’s Volleyball team dominates La Canada

The SPMS boy’s volleyball team showed La Canada what they know about volleyball during their first game on Tuesday, April 17. They performed with determination which showed as they won all the sets they played. But it wasn’t just one person who made the win, it was a team effort. The captains of the team who showed great passion include Jake Woo (#8), Thompson Crockett (#11), and Tony Rodz (#7). La Canada struggled to receive SPMS's serves and spikes, but when they did, Jonathan Guy (#6) and Mikey Ebner (#14) were prepared to block the ball. SPMS has great communication on the court and it starts with the pass. During the game Tony Rodz, Thompson Crockett, and Noah Kuhn (#5) had some amazing passes to our school’s setter Aidan Hilger (#3). Aidan would then beautifully set the ball to a hitter who was normally, Jake Woo, Caleb Hunt (#15), or Grant Huntley (#9) to score a point.


But what stood out in this aggressive game of volleyball? One thing that the audience noticed was Richard Conti’s (#4) long run of outstanding serves. He collected 15 points for SPMS’s team by serving one ball after another for an impressive time. La Canada could not return Richard’s powerful serves, automatically giving points to South Pasadena. When they did return the ball, a series of passes, sets, and hits followed still giving SPMS the point. Richard’s glorious serving run ended during a long rally. After awhile of passing back and forth, Will Michaels (#2)  passed the ball, then Garrett Haley (#1) hit it over. La Canada returned the ball but we were unable to successfully pass it back. By the end of Richard’s serving session, SPMS was in the lead with the score of 16-2. After the first set, the score was 25-11, Tigers win.


The Tigers headed into the second set feeling confident after their previous performance. La Canada also learned from the last set what they need to do to win. La Canada came back stronger which shocked the Tigers. The score was tied 13-13 after many rallies. However, the Tigers weren’t going to let their opponents beat them. The Tigers got their head in the game once Aidan Hilger started serving. La Canada began to catch up to the Tigers with a score of 24-19. The last point of the game was awarded to SPMS by Jake Woo who served the ball over and Mikey Ebner hit the ball. The final score was 25-19, Tigers win. Because SPMS won 2 out of the 3 sets, there was no need to play a 3rd set. They decided to play a third set for fun of it, and the Tigers won yet again. Congratulations to South Pasadena Middle School’s boy’s volleyball team for being victorious in their first game!

Lily Wildman