Artist Spotlight Session-Alyssa Taguchi

I will focus weekly on different artists to feature their work on our website. This week we are focusing specifically on Alyssa Taguchi. Enjoy her amazing work!

~Ella Mizota-Wang


Alyssa Taguchi is a twelve year-old artist at SPMS in visual arts. She dabbles in both digital and traditional art forms and mediums, typically using the digital art app Procreate with the iPad Pro and Copic markers with her sketchbook. She started drawing more seriously at age ten, and hopes to take her art further in the future. Her main artistic specialty is drawing people, and she describes her art style as “manga inspired”, a popular Japanese comic form. Her pieces usually feature lots of creative colors and cartoon-like shapes, and she is fond of experimenting with different poses and new ideas.

Alyssa also offers art commissions, meaning she sells custom art pieces to other people for money. She markets her art throughout school, but also through platforms such as Instagram.

On social media, she shares her unique collection of original characters, which often showcase mystical qualities such as horns or half-animal features. Her favorite character is Ryko, a half-demon boy with short black hair. To see her more of her art online, go to the instagram handle @tasushi_sama.

To find out more about her art, Alyssa was asked some questions:

What do you like the most about art/doing art?


"That it has a free will, there’s no rules to abide by. You can have free expression. Art also relieves me of some kinds of stress that I have from problems in my daily life."

What does art mean to you?

"Art means a lot of things to me. I think the most important thing is just that it makes me happy."

Why do you think art is important?

"I think art is important because it can be an expression of many cultures and their differences."

How do people react to your art (what do they say, do, etc.)

"People sometimes say, “Oh, hey, Alyssa that’s actually really good.” or “Oh my god Alyssa, you do anime? That’s totally expected of you.” Sometimes people stereotype me and my personality based on my art style, which is one of my least favorite things about doing art."

How does social media play a role in your art?

"Social media affects my art because I can work with other artists from different places. You can share your art and collaborate with other people who do the same type of art as you."



If you are a passionate artist and would like to have your very own artist spotlight, email with the kind of art you do and your homeroom room number/teacher! No particular skill level required and all art forms are accepted (music, dance, visual, etc.)

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