Don't Forget The Memories

Every year, on the first day of school, we woke up excited to meet our teachers and see our friends again. But this year was different, this would be our last first day of middle school.  

When we left elementary school, we were ready to leave. We were excited to meet new people and have a new found independence. It was going to be a great three years, and we couldn’t wait.

Throughout middle school, we all changed. Middle School shaped us into the people we are today. From the very first day, we could be whoever we wanted to be. Walking in was frightening, but with the help of WEB and ASB members, we found our way. Every day we woke up and didn’t want to go to school, but now we don’t want to leave.

Now as we leave, we begin a new chapter in our lives, high school. It is a terrifying moment for us, but we know that our teachers have prepared us for what is to come.

During our three years here we made countless memories. Even if some were bad, we wouldn’t want to forget any of them. Never forget the best times and buy your yearbook today. ;)


Paige Reynolds