Trash Update

South Pasadena Middle School has a big trash problem that our Assistant Principal, Mr. Kassam Clay is trying to solve. His goal is for students at SPMS to leave our school better than they found it. So far some of his tactics for eliminating trash are the trash rubric and banning certain areas on the quad during lunch and brunch.

One strategy Mr. Kassam Clay is using is the trash rubric. He is partnering with the ASB to help make the quad a cleaner environment. The trash rubric requires that there be less than 25 gallons of trash on the quad each day. This must happen three out of the five school days a week or ASB will not play music on Friday. Unfortunately our school has not been listening to very much music lately. The trash problem has been improving, but many kids still do not care and don’t throw  their trash away.

Another solution Mr. Kassam Clay is trying out is banning areas in the quad with the most trash. Yesterday, Mr. Kassam Clay banned two sections of the quad. Because of this, many students are not happy and are forced to sit elsewhere.

Here are some thoughts from students affected by our school’s trash problem:

“I think that Mr. Kassam Clay’s ideas for the trash problem are ineffective. It is giving the students a reason to not pick up there trash and makes the quad crowded.”

  • Anonymous

“I agree that there is too much trash, but the rules are excessive because many people had to move where they sit. Now those areas are crowded.”

  • Colette Carbonara

“Even though that there is a lot of trash, Mr. Kassam Clay is being unreasonable about how to enforce the rule and I think it’s annoying.”

  • Anonymous

For now, Mr. Kassam Clay and many others are still trying to solve this ongoing trash problem.

Mia Holden