More Than SPHS? Some Aren't Going!

High school is all about new beginnings. The start to the rest of your life. This year many SPMS 8th graders will not be attending SPHS. Next year there are students going to LACHSA, CSarts, Saint Francis, and many other schools. Most kids leaving the South Pasadena district are seeking arts schools. Although we are happy to see them follow their dreams, they will be missed by the people they are leaving behind. The 8th graders should celebrate our time we have left together and then on June 5, we are going to have to send each other off into the world.

One person that is attending LACHSA next year is Paul Zenas. Acting has always been a big part of his life. He says, “When I was 5 I started acting and it just clicked, and now having the opportunity to do what I love every day is incredible.” The thing he’s going to miss most about SPMS is the people. Many of his friends have a lot to say about his leaving. Annalea Pearson said she was so happy for him when he got in, but she was more sad that he was leaving. Taylor Calva feels like school won’t be the same without him. Even though his closest friends are going to miss him so much, they hope to cherish the moments we have left of school and hangout outside of school.

Other students leaving the South Pasadena school district include Zora Hinrichs, Aidan Donnelly, Raphael Fort, Luke McGrath, Henry McLaughlin and Valentina Dorey.

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Taylor Calva