End of the Year Hype

Wednesday, June 5, 2019. The looming date approaching fast. The last day of school.  As this day gets closer and closer, students are reacting differently to it. Sixth graders are becoming more excited and anxious. They want to rush through summer, and quickly begin the new school year.  All being excited to become seventh graders. While seventh graders have more cool indifference, almost nonchalant about what’s to come. Many are excited to become eighth graders like Caroline Quinones when she says, “I’m ecstatic, I’m so happy, ... I can’t wait to be in eighth grade.” While Sadie Kan opposing thoughts are, “Um, I’m ready to not be at school anymore. That’s for sure.” Showing how she only wanted the school year to be over, and not eager for next year.  But eighth graders feelings about moving on to highschool are much more nostalgic and excited. Many of them can’t wait for the next chapter of their lives, of being a highschool student. Yet, many of them aren’t ending up at our local school, South Pasadena High School, and going off to different ones. Especially since they spent the last three years of their lives here at South Pasadena Middle School, they have a lot of memories here with their friends that they have to leave. All the different grades are reacting in many manners to the end of school.

Mia Chamorro