Trash Problems... Again

As you know, the school has had trash problems for months now. Mr. Kassam Clay has tried to fix this, but somehow the problem keeps recurring. He has taken away music on Fridays, implemented prizes for picking up trash, and he has also recently starting cutting off whole sections of the quad if there is to much trash.

With that said I went to go interview people about what they thought about the quad being shut off.  The first person I interviewed was Danny Vasquez. When asked if he had been affected by this new rule, he said “no I have not, I move around a lot during brunch and lunch.” I then asked if he agreed with the new rule, and he said  “No I do not agree, because a lot of people do pick up their thrash but they still get punished.” Lastly I asked him if he thought there should be a different punishment for thrash? “I don’t know what else they could do, they could try and catch people in the act but that would be hard.”

Next I interviewed Marshall Chun, the first question I asked was, have you or anyone you know been affected by this rule? He said. “Yes, I have been pushed out of my spot.”  Do you agree with this new rule, “No, it pushes people out of their spots which causes many people to go into one spot.”

As you can see a lot of people dislike the new trash system, but it is still not known if it will be successful or not.

Sawyer Fox