Musical Wrap Up

The school musical happened just over the March 4th weekend and was a blast! The culmination of the past ten weeks of sticking around at school hours after the final bell, the musical is one highlight of the school year. Everyone did amazingly well, and it was a lot of fun, (at least for most people; there were some stage crew and some cast members who didn’t enjoy it as much).

How do I know that? I sent a Google Form to the entire cast and crew of the musical, with questions including ‘On a scale of one to ten, how much did you enjoy the musical?’ and ‘What was your favorite part of the musical?’? Each of those results I received, reviewed, and accepted, for a grand total of, wait for it, 14 responses! I also made the system anonymous so that people could tell the truth about what they thought.

And now, for the reveal we’ve all been waiting for; the responses! I received [] responses, and some were really surprising. Mostly, they were positive, for example, ‘I loved the final product and how good the musical looked. Although the director was harsh sometimes, you could tell he just wanted it to be a good musical.’. But there were some negative outliers, such as‘ wasn’t very good. at all. it didn’t have a set storyline- it was just a bunch of life scenes mashed together with no purpose and no end goal. just some people running around, gambling and falling out of love. It sucked. The music also wasn’t even that good, there were only 2 or 3 catchy songs. Hairspray was great, but this one, not so much. ...’ That was the full response. Grammar errors and all. But that seemed to be the outlyer; most of the other responses loved the show.

People’s favorite parts usually was whatever they did as a part of the show. The costume crew chose costumes, lighting and stage crew chose mechanics and lighting, the actors either chose singing, dancing, or acting. The three most popular options were singing, choreography, and costumes. All the other, smaller parts of the pie chart are the ‘Other’ option, with things like ‘everything’, ‘hehe I wasn’t an actor’, and ‘all of the above’.

So even though some people disliked it, I think most of us had a fun time doing the musical, dancing, singing, and acting our hearts out on stage. And we made a fantastic show! If you came to or worked on the show, thank you, and we hope you do it again next year!