WEB Applications

This week on Wednesday the 8th, seventh graders will be receiving their WEB application for next year.  WEB, Where Everyone Belongs, is an organization that 8th graders participate in. They help the incoming sixth graders to feel comfortable and welcomed to their first year at middle school.  The Monday before the first day of school, the 6th graders meet with their WEB leaders for the year. They play games and interact with each other in small groups. If the 6th graders need advice or help with their problems, they always have a friendly person to talk to. Throughout the year, WEB leaders check up on different sixth grade homerooms, give informational speeches and play fun games to help the sixth graders work together, make new friends, and build trust. The seventh graders trying out for WEB are very excited to see if they made it into WEB. After school they are all going to rush to Ms. Hoffman’s room to see the results. Even though some students may not make it, everyone is still very supportive of them.   

Samantha Huntley