Track Ice Cream Run

The SPMS Track Team is preparing for their league finals next week. To celebrate the team’s hard work, the coaches have decided to take the team on an ice cream run. The ice cream run is going to be on Wednesday, May 8. The team plans to run down Fair Oaks Avenue, then they will have the choice of getting ice cream from Rite Aid or Cookies and Cream.

On the day of the run, the team started with stretches and a three lap warmup. Then at 3:30, they left the school and headed down Fair Oaks Ave. Many kids went to Cookies and Cream, a local dessert shop. They ordered different things like boba, cookies, and ice cream. Farther down Fair Oaks, kids went to Rite Aid. They bought Thrifty’s ice cream, snacks, and candy. Another place that some kids also went to was Starbucks. The team enjoyed their run are excited for their track meet on Thursday, May 9.

Mia Holden

SportsMia Holden