The Surge of New Disney Live Action Movies

Recently, there has been a surge of trailers for live action Disney movies coming out. Portraying a story that everyone knows so well can be difficult. Many people are fine with these new movies but others are not. They think that the classics are better and you shouldn’t change what is already great. Some people are saying that Disney is running out of ideas. Others say they are making Disney better and improved. Some of these new movies are Aladdin, The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, and Maleficent 2. These movies haven’t come out yet, but  they will be out in the next couple of years.

A student was asked how they felt about all of these new Disney movies. “They are not even trying anymore. They have given up on making new movies. They really need to cancel the Lilo and Stitch movie because the Stitch is a demon instead of being a cute little innocent Stitch.”

Another student said, “I don't like how they are remaking them into live action. I like the classics and I think they are fine by themselves and don't need to be remade.”

Another student said, “I prefer the animated movies because they are classic as well as more fun and imaginative.”

Another student with a different opinion said “I like how they are trying to modernize the classics and make them better.”

Overall, most people don’t like how Disney is making all of these new movies. They believe that this is just Disney trying to make more movies because they have run out of ideas. Other people believe that Disney is trying to improve on what is already a great movie, and make it better. So what do you think? Is this Disney running out of ideas? Or is it them trying to improve on what they have?

Callie Pestana