Pet Sematary: Movie Review

Pet Sematary was released on April 5, 2019 and had a box office of $83.6 million.  This movie, based on the Stephen King novel Pet Sematary, is much like its older counterpart. Coming out in 1989 the original movie made a whopping $130 million. Despite that,  I still think that the new remake is better.

The first reason I like the new version of Pet Sematary is because it leaves many things unknown. Usually I dislike not knowing how the movie works, but not knowing how the actual Pet Sematary works leaves me and my imagination to fill the void.

I also enjoy how the first half builds suspense. The audience knows that the daughter is going to die and return as a zombie, but they don’t know when it's going to happen. In one minute the movie goes from almost a movie about a family in a new city, straight to a horror movie with people dying left and right.

Even though the movie does have a lot of good, something I don’t like is that it differentiates from the book and from the original movie. In both, it is the baby Gabe that is the victim of the truck. In this rendition Elle is the one that dies and comes back. Since the movie is based on the book, I believe that it should be similar and not different. Maybe the movie can have a little of its on plot points to keep it unique. However, when it comes to a plot point this major, you should stick with the book.

All in all, I give this movie a modest 7/10. The movie is very good, but in my opinion was not enough a horror and too much of a thriller.

Sawyer Fox

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