Library of Tolerence

The Library of Tolerance is now on display in the SPMS library. According to Reagan Rogers, an Upstander and ASB member working to set up the exhibit, the Library of Tolerance is “an exhibit where students can represent what tolerance means to them and how it is shown on campus.” Students are able to submit their own artwork or works of literature on what tolerance means to them. These entries then get displayed in the library. Reagan explains that the Library of Tolerance “lets students express a really important part of our campus’ diversity through art and literature.” This exhibit can be especially important to students who would like to celebrate this campus’ diversity.

This year Upstanders has added a creative touch to the exhibit. They are having participants write or draw what tolerance means to them on notecards, and using these notecards to spell out the word tolerance in the entrance of the library. The Library of Tolerance exhibit is a really important way to let students express themselves. Be sure to take some time to check it out in library!

Ellie Mendel