Us: Movie Review

Middle school will always be remembered as the era of Jordan Peele. The horror flick director once again created a cult-movie-classic with Us in 2019.  

The movie, which came two years after his other horror hit, Get Out, is about a family battling their murderous doppelgängers. Rather than cheap jumpscares, the movie uses psychological horror, in some cases without any words, to keep the audience engaged.

Similar to Get Out, Jordan Peele puts a spotlight on African-American  protagonists. Throughout horror flick lore, African-American characters have been typically cast in disposable roles, with main characters often being white. Jordan Peele turns the tables on those stereotypes by making the audience connect deeply with African-American characters.

“I wanted to make a monster movie, and in the best monster movies, they allow their villains to have these different layers and be multidimensional,” Peele told the Los Angeles Times. “Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, even [David] Cronenberg’s The Fly - you are meant to be terrified of these things, but also to relate to them on some level.”

Daniel Vasquez