Norte Dame Fire

Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in all of Europe. Built in 1163, taking 100 years to build from the ground up. On April 15th of 2019, Notre Dame erupted in deadly flames, burning and damaging parts of the interior and exterior. As the fire blazed on, many church-goers sang and prayed outside the cathedral, hoping they’d be heard and the landmark would be spared of a blazing wrath. The U.S president, Donald Trump, says, “no cathedral is like Notre Dame. [This is] a terrible scene.” Sources are unclear about how the blaze started, but CNN theorizes that the fire started due to all the repairments Notre Dame was undergoing. Firefighters were able to tame the entire blaze by the next day, saving centuries of treasures. Amongst the flames, a hero rose above all. A priest (Father Fournier) ran through the blazing flames of Notre Dame to save the Crown of Thorns. He has been praised online and offline and hailed a hero for his actions. As millions around the world hold disbelief in the loss of many important structures of the cathedral, the governors of Paris, France discuss rebuilding of the cathedral. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, plans to have Notre Dame rebuilt in the next five years. Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful and sacred looks into the architecture of the age of kings and knights, but we hope to see it again in 2024.

Isabelle Wong