Don't Be Late! Tardy Enforcement!

This year Mr. Kassam-Clay has enforced tardiness rules. If you have more than 6 tardies then he will punish you. This rule has been strongly enforced because  he is really passionate about students being late to class and to be prepared. The tardy rule is 3,6,9,12,and 18. When you have 3 tardies then it is a warning and parents are emailed when you have 4-6 tardies. Then if you have 6 tardies, you will get two assigned lunch detentions that will go in Aeries.  After that when you get 9 tardies your parents are contacted, you get a assigned detention, and you have to sign a contract saying you won’t be late again. The third step is if you have 12 or more tardies then you get assigned detentions, a parent meeting, a signed contract, and a completed reflection. When you get 15 tardies then you get a Saturday detention, a parent meeting, SART meeting, and a probation letter. Last, if you have 18 tardies then you will get more Saturday detentions, SARB meetings, more parent meetings, and signed probation letter. These are all the consequences  you get for having many tardies. Many people are getting tardies and Mr. Kassam-Clay is not doing anything about it.

Michelle Shadmon