Costume Crew For The Spring Musical

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Where would the musical actors and actresses be without costumes? Nowhere. The costume crew for the Spring musical works hard everyday to make sure that every kid is in costume when they are on stage. The crew shows up after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and they work until 6:00 pm. What could they possibly be doing for 3 hours a day? Well, the crew is in charge of finding and fitting the clothes. The costume room is filled with racks and racks of clothes and their job is to look through all those racks and see which costumes fit the style of the show and fits the actors. Each day, the crew calls up actors to quickly fit them in suits, shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, and more! Not only do they fit the costumes, but they also make some of the props. This year, Vivian Bertolina and Rie Mariel are the prop masters. You can find them making posters and organizing the props. The costume crew this year consists of 12 girls. The captain of costumes is Isu Park. The producers assistant is Paige Reynolds. The time manager and head of costume racks is Reagan Rogers. The shoe manager and the assistant rack coordinator is Brynn Buckley. As previously mentioned, Vivian Bertolina and Rie Marciel are the prop masters. Lucia Benning is the hair and makeup artist. Kyra Nielsen, Ashley and Brooke Toshima, Solana Cordon, and Maya Flores are all hard working staffers. The costume director is Ray Rochelle. During the actual performance, the crew is backstage in the dressing rooms helping actors with quick changes as well as just making sure that the show runs smoothly. After the show, the crew has to check in the costumes to make sure that all the costumes get returned after the show. Without the costume team, there would not be a proper musical.  

Brynn Buckley and Ashley Toshima