The War That Saved My Life: Book Review

The War that Saved My Life is a historical fiction story about a young girl named Ada. Ada lives with her mother and brother Jamie. She was born with a clubfoot. Her mother is so ashamed of Ada that she never lets her outside their one room apartment. Ada is constantly being abused  by her mother and is sick of being cooped up in their house. When Jamie is shipped out of London to avoid being bombed by the Germans before the start of World War II, Ada sneaks away with him. The siblings show up in Kent, skinny and malnourished. They are given to a lady called Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith cares for them while Ada and Jamie learn to adjust to their new environment and guardian. She also gives Ada crutches which allows Ada  to move around. Ada spends her time learning to read as well as ride Ms. Smith’s pony, Butter. As the war progresses, most of England, including Kent, is being bombed. Almost every night, Ms. Smith, Ada, and Jamie hide in their bomb shelter for protection. Because Kent is being bombed and is no longer safer than London, Ada and Jamie are in danger of falling back into their mother’s “care.” Will Ada and Jamie manage to escape their mother’s wrath or will they stay with the kind and caring Ms. Smith?

I recommend this book to kids of all ages, even if you don’t normally enjoy historical fiction.

Caroline Haines