The School for Good and Evil: Book Reveiw

The School for Good and Evil is not your classic fairytale. Agatha and Sophie live in one of the many kingdoms of the Woods, Gavaldon. Gavaldon is full of “Readers”, as in the children of the Woods, who read the many tales consisting of Cinderella and Robin Hood. Every night each beginning school year, stymphs (skeletal pterodactyl-like animal of the Endless Woods) abduct children as eligible students for The School For Good or The School For Evil. The story focuses on two girls, Agatha and Sophie. Agatha’s life in Gavaldon is unlike most girls. She doesn’t dream of becoming a princess pretty in pink. She’s fine with her life on Grave Hills with her mother and cat. Sophie dreams of becoming a princess ruling a noble kingdom, constantly obsessed with her beauty. Soon everything changes when they are dropped in schools completely different from their personas. Agatha is dropped in the School for Good, while Sophie is dropped in the School for Evil.

The tale between Sophie and Agatha is a bumpy road of love, trust, adventure, and more. I would recommend this story to any fantasy lovers, as well as people who have a natural love for books with great plots and endless sources of anticipation. The series currently has 5 books in its series and a handbook about the school. If you haven’t read this, you’re missing out! Each book delivers great content with great morals we can apply to reality. The friendship of Sophie and Agatha lasts forever as we can tell from this story, even through every hardship they go through.

Soman Chainani even puts his own adaptation onto characters from classic tales, and even ones that have been forgotten, like Cinderella’s fairy godmother and Merlin the Wizard of Camelot. He even gets into the true essence of some classic characters, giving readers an insight to their real stories and how they were changed.

The Storian, the lifeline of the entire Woods, records stories of Evers and Nevers (Good and Evil students). The Storian is the creator of the “Once upon a time…” phrase, writing the stories of famed heroes and villains. The pen actually plays a key role in the trilogy.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the concepts of The School for Good and Evil, go and discover its amazing words for yourself. Explore the story of Sophie and Agatha, joining them on their journey with each chapter. The series is something to put on your list for “Goodreads”.

Isabelle Wong