All About Yearbook

The process of how the yearbook is produced is long, fun, and a great way to feel connected to the school. The students on the yearbook staff are known as Yerds. When the year first begins, the first task in creating the new year's yearbook is to come up with a theme or a central idea around the yearbook. Each person in the yearbook staff has  a job to make the production as smooth as possible, s. Once the theme and job’s are assigned, the real work begins. Throughout the year, each Yerd writes stories, takes pictures, and lays out and fills in spreads (pages) in the yearbook. To get sales of the yearbook booming, there is a group of students called the sales team that advertises the yearbook. The end product is always great due to the hard work of the Yerds.

One Yerd staff member said “It’s fun because I can hang out with my friends and still get work done.”  She went on to explaining that it was “a great way to make new friends and it is a great experience.”

Another yearbook staffer said “Yearbook is a fun class where we get to work independently on things that we enjoy doing. We also get to write stories, take photos, interview people, and work on spreads.”

Callie Pestana