A Fight for Change


On March 15, a group of students started to walk out of class to fight for climate change. They got on a train and went to downtown LA with posters to protest for something they believe in. Even middle schoolers went. One of these climate change activists was Paige Reynolds.  I asked her how it felt to walk out and go to downtown to protest for climate change. She answered, “I think it gave me a sense of hopefulness to see lots of people walking out and to see people care about this stuff and the world. Also, seeing lots of kids doing it. It’s really amazing and inspiring.” Paige went with her dad and had an amazing time. High schooler Julia Shadmon also walked out of class with a bunch of her friends to get on the train and go downtown to protest for this problem. She said, “It felt good and like I was making a difference. Even though there wasn’t a lot of people there, it starts with a small group to make a difference. Seeing that small group of people walking out to make a change was amazing. I didn’t feel like I made an impact but I know I did. We need to keep going with this; like how the Women's March  was a continuous rally of people, and for the climate change walkout I am hoping it is continuous because it is very important to all of us.” Julia is right that we need to keep going with this protest. Climate change is one of the biggest problems in the world and the government isn't doing anything about it. We need to stop pollution, plastic in the ocean, and we need to save the polar bears from extinction from their ruined habitat because it is becoming more hot. I really hope that this problem will get better because if we want to keep our world we need to FIGHT FOR IT.

Michelle Shadmon