Tigers Start Off Strong!

The Boy’s Volleyball team started their season out strong with a dominating victory against La Canada last Thursday.

The Tigers gained the lead quickly with an ace from Kai Munoz. A serving run by Munoz forced La Canada to call their first timeout, but not before the damage was done. South Pas had taken a 8-1 lead that proved to be impossible for the Spartans to get back. Strong plays extended the Tiger’s lead to 13-2. La Canada responded with a serving run of their own, scoring the next 4 points. As their lead was slipping, a block by Aidan Hilger and Declan Swift stopped the Spartan’s run. This block changed the momentum of the game and enabled South Pas to outscore La Canada 12-1. These points came from great kills by Titus Rodz and Kai Munoz and aces by Aidan Hilger and Richard Conti. An ace from Munoz ended the first set with a score of 25:6.

Hilger started the second set by serving 3 aces in a row, but an error by the Tigers gave La Canada the ball.  Even with some great plays on the Tiger’s side, the second set proved to be difficult to win. La Canada began to wake up and work together. This caused our coach to call a quick time out. When La Canada tied the score, South Pas realized they had to act quickly. Another serving run by Munoz gained the Tigers a lead that they didn’t give up. Amazing plays from Aaron Quan and Finny Ho allowed the Tigers to extend their lead. The last point of the game came from a great kill by Jason Yipp. The team has been practicing since March, and have improved their volleyball skills.

This game was a great start to South Pas’s season and proved the Tigers are a force to be reckoned with.


Paige Reynolds

SportsPaige Reynolds