The Secret Life of Students

Have you ever wondered what your fellow students do after school when they are at home? No peers looking over their shoulders, evaluating their every action? Ever wondered what they do without their friends?

Hanging out with pets, video games, reading, singing, dancing, studying, acting, practicing, playing sports, and playing a musical instrument are all things that can take up your (and the aforementioned acquaintances) time at home. I took the liberty to send a Google Form to 39 students, asking them about their lives at home, their pets, etc. And it came back with some interesting results.

The first thing to note was that only 6 of the students responded within 24 hours. This goes to show that not many students check their email when not required to in a class. The answers to the form itself begged for some research. The most prevalent answer was ‘practicing’. It got 2 votes. The next most common answer was a tie between three results; hanging out with friends, taking care of/playing with pets, and reading. Interestingly, nobody chose ‘sports’ or ‘singing or dancing’.

Truman Lindenthaler