Shazam!: Movie Review

Spoiler Warning! Shazam premiered worldwide on April 5, 2019 and it was quickly became one of DC’s most successful movies making roughly 56.7 million dollars on its opening weekend and taking North America’s no. 1 movie slot for the weekend! In terms of content, Shazam stands alone when compared to other DC movies. Shazam has a certain light heartedness that no other DC movie can compare to. The movie focuses on the importance of family, which you can see that from the plot. Billy Batson (the main character played by Asher Angel) likes to keep a distance from his foster family, but at the end he finds out the only way to beat the villain, the seven deadly sins, he has to put trust into his family by giving them powers. Unlike other DC movies, Shazam had a lot of comedy. . I personally think most of the comedy came from Billy’s transformation. In the movie Billy gains the power to turn into a adult superhero by saying Shazam! When he does this, the audience gets the comical relief they wanted, like when he disguises as Freddy’s dad to get him out of school. Also, Shazam breaks the barrier of superhero stereotypes. Shazam didn’t only focus on the bad guy vs. the good guy aspect, but also the coming of age of BIlly. Billy needs to mature from a poor tempered 15 year old to a middle aged man in a couple of days to save his family, friends, and the world. Although the movie was for the most part good,   I didn’t like the backstory of the wizards and the main antagonist, the sins, was kind of hard to figure out. While watching the movie I was at some points confused on how to wizards came to be and also what were the seven deadly sins motives? The movie did a pretty good job at explaining how the sins ravaged the land and the wizards stopped them but they never said specifically said how. I also disliked how we never fully learned every power that Shazam has ,which is supposed to be 7, but I feel not all powers were displayed. For example, one power is supposed to be enhanced intellect but that is not showed in Shazam, the main character Billy doesn’t have much common sense. Overall I give this movie a solid 8.5/10 because there were many great aspects to the movie but also some bad ones.

Sawyer Fox

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